Kahuna’s New Mobile Marketing Index Shows that Smart Messaging Triples App Retention


Mobile_Marketing_TagcloudKahuna’s 2016 Q1 Mobile Marketing Index report, the details of which were shared with MMW on Tuesday, proves brands can increase 90-day retention rates by 3X with smart messaging.

“Marketers recognize retention is more profitable than acquisition using personal and timely communication to decrease uninstall rates and increase retention rates in the long term,” an announcement emailed to us reads.

“Today’s consumer is defined by mobility and they decide where and when they expect a brand to message them,” said Julie Ginches, Chief Marketing Officer of Kahuna. “Missing these expectations is no longer an option, and doing it well is a unique competitive advantage.”
Other findings this quarter include:

  • Email as a mobile-first medium is continuing to grow, as the data revealed 86% of emails were opened on a mobile device.
  • Push notification opt-in rates decreased slightly this quarter. Android rates continue to remain significantly higher than iOS.
  • Intelligent messaging can prevent uninstalls. Customers are 15% less likely to uninstall an app after receiving a personalized message.

The Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index can be downloaded here.

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