Gartner: 24 Percent More Spending on In-App Transactions Than on Upfront App Payments


Just How Vulnerable Are Mobile-Payment Apps to Hack AttacksAccording to an insightful new report from Gartner, mobile app users spend 24 percent more on in-app transactions than on upfront app payments.

The findings were gleaned from an online consumer survey by the respected firm.

All told, Gartner says that consumer preference for in-app transactions indicates that the flexibility they offer is delivering a better customer experience than paid-for downloads.

“Overall, the survey results showed that mobile app users are spending $ 7.40 on paid-for apps every three months and $ 9.20 on in-app transactions, resulting in a quarter more spending on in-app transactions,” said Stephanie Baghdassarian, research director at Gartner. “This confirms that once users are confident that an app delivers the expected value without having to pay upfront, they then find it easier to spend on in-app transactions.”

Baghdassarian added in a provided statement that not all users will activate in-app transactions, especially those who cannot see the value of the app. However, those who see the value are more likely to spend higher amounts, with one user in three spending, on average, more than $ 5 a month.

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