Digital engagement opportunities in hours per month [#ChatoftheDay]


Analysing time spent on various platforms highlights where engagement is going

As marketers, we’re always beeing told to check out a new platform to see if it is worth the company using it to promote itself. When it comes to social networks, we tend to use size as the key metric when we assess if it will be worth using. By size me mean the number of people using the platform, but is this really the best metric? There is a massive difference between someone that logs in to a network one a month to have a quick check of their messages, and someone who spends hours a day deeply engaged with the platform.

So marketers should also consider this less talked about metric shown in the chart below, hours per user per month, or HUM as I’d like to call it.

As we might expect Facebook does well on this metric, but Spotify surprisingly also comes in joint first, followed by the time people spend commuting. Instagram and Snapchat have strong user engagement metrics, whilst LinkedIn does quite poorly.

digital engagement in hours per day chart of the day

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