20 Ecommerce tools compared for performance [Infographic]


A review of page load times and mobile effectiveness for different Ecommerce platforms

More than $ 12 trillion in B2B transactions are expected for the year 2020. That’s up from $ 5.5 trillion in 2012, according to projections from Frost & Sullivan. B2B online sales are nearly double those of B2C sales. No matter what sphere of digital marketing you work in, it’s time to hone in on e-commerce. Clients are hungry for a piece of the ecommerce pie. By staying informed on the existing software solutions, you will have the information you need to lead them towards smart platform choices.

61% of consumers report improved sentiments toward a brand as a result of a positive mobile experience and by 2017, m-commerce is expected to account for 25% of US sales. Mobile shoppers also spend more than users on other devices.Features like mobile-friendly design and quick page loading speed are essential to an e-retailer’s success. Slow loading speeds can, as noted in the infographc, cost your client sales and customers.

Selfstartr.com recently studied the top platforms, tested thousands of websites that use them, and put it all together in an infographic to help you see if your client’s ecommerce platform offers the features they need. The full article on the Selfstartr website evaluates everything from SEO and marketing features to the number of payment gateways available. The infographic below is taken from the article and ranks the top twenty ecommerce solutions by performance across devices and by page speed.


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