Sidecar: Google PLAs Deliver More Revenue to Retailers These Days


Is-Google-Searching-for-the-Next-Big-Thing1According to a new report, retailers racked up nearly double the revenue from Google product listing ads (PLAs) year over year in the second quarter.

“The paid ad format of Google Shopping delivered a 92% YoY revenue increase in Q2, outperforming its 52% YoY revenue growth in Q1,” Sidecar reports.

Other Google PLA metrics for the quarter followed suit. Orders grew by 92% and clicks grew by 125% year over year. With this growth came increased excitement from retailers. They showed greater interest in ways to make the most of product ads, with twice as many retailers adopting Sidecar’s Google Shopping optimization technology in Q2 as they did in Q1.

“The stakes in Google product listing ads are growing—and paying off,” said Andre Golsorkhi, CEO of Sidecar.

“More retailers are making Google PLAs a cornerstone of their marketing mix,” Golsorkhi adds. “Google has long understood the efficacy of product listing ads and is doubling down on them. The reason is simple: They work. Google PLAs let retailers connect their relevant products to consumers, and let Google deliver on its value proposition of helping consumers find what they want in that moment.”

According to Sidecar, understanding how PLA performance differs by device is “now taking on new significance,” as more shoppers flock to mobile to find products and as Google develops device-specific ad formats and capabilities.

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