OpenX Tops Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index


OpenX has confirmed to MMW that its mobile app marketplace quality was ranked #1 on the freshly published June Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index.

According to the company — a leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces — OpenX international inventory also secured the #1 ranking for quality.

“OpenX continues to operate as a top source of high quality inventory in the U.S. market,” the firm said in an emailed statement.

Ensuring buyers have access to the highest quality inventory in programmatic has been a priority for OpenX since 2012 when the company introduced the industry’s first Traffic Quality Monitoring Platform to eliminate fraud in programmatic advertising.

“As programmatic advertising continues its rapid growth, the overall health and success of the industry depends on being able to provide all participants in the digital advertising ecosystem with scalable, fraud free marketplace solutions,” the company said in a news release. “OpenX remains focused on delivering the highest quality and best performing solution to our clients, and we are especially gratified by our #1 quality ranking in mobile, given its growing share of advertising dollars,” said John Murphy, vice president of marketplace quality at OpenX.”

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