How much social media users spend when shopping online [#ChatoftheDay]


A user’s preferred social network factors heavily in their propensity to spend

There are many ways to try to assess the value of the customer and judge their propensity to part with their hard earned cash on your site. You could go by age, use location data or even job title if you have that data. One signal of propensity to spend which you may be overlooking is the users social media use.

Data from shows how average order value fluctuates widely between users of different social networks. Polyvore tops the list, which is hardly surprising given it’s a site built around fashion and social commerce. If you aren’t a fashion retailer it’s not really relevant. However, Instagram could be relevant for all sorts of B2C verticals and has an average order value almost double that of the likes of YouTube and Google+. It’s interesting how the networks really focused around visuals (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook to a lesser extent) come out top here, whilst those less built around sharing photo’s (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) sit at the bottom. Perhaps a valuable lesson in the importance of visuals to conveying your brand message.

Average ecommerce order value by social network

  • Source: Atlas
  • Data Source: Shopify

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