What Will Impact Staffing Decisions? Companies Want Personnel Ready for Future Innovations


futureIs it better to hire for the challenges one has — or the ones coming down the road?

Increasingly, marketers are looking to add staff who are informed, nimble, and ready to tackle the coming technologies.

That tidbit comes from recent research indicating that almost seven in 10 “feel the drive to innovate will likely impact their staffing decisions over the next two years.”

Digital marketing platform GumGum and professional organization Brand Innovators polled 246 U.S. digital marketers from a variety of industries about the organizational opportunities and challenges their departments are facing, according to eMarketer.

Seventy percent of respondents admitted that innovation initiatives would likely influence staffing and organizational decisions for the next 24 months.

“Not far behind (were) other probable challenges, including analytics and measurement (65 percent), mobile initiatives (64 percent) and content marketing (64 percent),” reports eMarketer.

This shouldn’t be a shocking revelation.

“Some 84 percent of executives said they agreed or strongly agreed that their company is looking for the next single market-shifting innovation over pursuing a slew of other opportunities, according to June 2015 research from Accenture,” reports eMarketer.

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