Millennials Like Promotions, Too: They Can Influence Purchase Decisions


New Opportunity 'Swirl'ing Around Oracle Marketing AppCloudMillennials may be a tougher crowd to work with established methods, but even this age group (people born roughly between the years 1976 and 2004) isn’t immune to the lure of promotions.

Recent research, in fact, suggests that promotional emails and social media ads can and do influence millennial purchases. One survey noted that more than 66 percent of U.S. millennial internet users admitted promotional emails influenced their purchasing decisions on at least a few occasions.

Still, it’s not easy.

“These channels may not be able to influence millennial purchasing decisions all of the time, August, 2016 data from advertising technology company Fluent found,” according to eMarketer. “As a matter of fact, only 13 percent of respondents said promotional emails affected them all of the time. More respondents said promotional emails influenced their purchases at least some of the time. And one in five said email swung their decision on a few occasions.”

Promotional text messages, which consumers prefer for loyalty program updates, can help — after all, even millennials like a good deal.

“For the most part, consumers want to hear from retailers if they’re offering them something worthwhile, like a promotion,” reports eMarketer. “And if an email contains a promotion, consumers are more likely to open it.”

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