Millennials mobile shopping habits [Infographic]


A sizeable majority of millennials shop via their phones, yet many still worry about payment security.

For any online retailer to thrive and enjoy a fair share of the market, it is imperative to understand Millennials’ smartphone habits. 28% of Millennials in the United States indicated that they prefer shopping online using their mobile devices as opposed to computers. Millennials now make up 26% of the total population and it is no wonder that they are influencing the online shopping trends.

Coupofy conducted a study on more than 2000 Millennials in the USA so as to understand their mobile shopping habits. We established that 73% of the Millennials use their smartphones to find locations, 67% to play games while 59% use their mobile devices for online shopping.

42% of the Millennials feel unsafe making online payments using their smartphones while 32% feel safe and secure about online payments. When even the digitally native generations worry about payment security, you know you must make sure your UX helps to calm any fears about security and privacy.

There is so much that every online retailer needs to learn about the Millennials’ mobile shopping habits. Take a look at the infographic below to get more details on the study conducted on the Millennials’ smartphone habits.

millennials mobile shopping habits

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