Marketers are embracing mobile surveys and insight communities [#ChartoftheDay]


The latest GRIT report reveals that marketers and market researchers are embracing social media analytics more than ever.

Greenbook Research Industry Trends Report (GRIT) is conducted with market research buyers (clients) as well as market research consultants and agencies (researchers); it aims to track the research methods being used and how those methods are changing over time.

They found that whilst mobile surveys and insight communities are now mainstream, there is a wide range of techniques that are gaining widespread adoption, highlighted in the chart below.


A few years ago insight communities were new and exciting, they were threatening the use of research panels but now they really are mainstream. Brands are turning to their own research communities to conduct surveys, online/offline qualitative research, mobile surveys and qualitative projects. Social media analytics and text analytics are gaining widespread use whilst mobile for qualitative research is also gaining lots of adoption. Webcam-based interviews and big data analytics are growing in popularity too.

Key takeaways 

  • Insight communities are the norm: Brands are now building their own research panels and are making sure that surveys are mobile friendly. This approach shows increased benefits for faster and potentially cheaper research.
  • Mobile surveys are now accepted as being one of the main methods of data collection with mobile ethnography gaining in popularity. The use of mobile for research collection for engaging with customers is strengthened by customers increasing use of mobile
  • Social and text analytics are on the rise: if you’re ready to embrace this, you can read more on the subject here. 
  • Brands are also embracing social media analytics automation as well as other research automation such as automated survey analysis, text analysis, charts and research sampling.
  • Big data is still a buzz word but brands are starting to embracing it as a research method.

We’re embracing both community and webcam based interviews as we’re currently running sessions with Smart Insights members. We want your feedback, if you’re interested in shaping the future of Smart Insights please join our research panel. 

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