Ecommerce in the USA shows no signs of slowing down [Chart of the Day]


Over 40% of all ecommerce orders are driven via search (Organic+Paid)

While the US economy continued to grow at a snail pace of 1% in Q2 of 2016, one sector that is bucking the trend is ecommerce. Research from Custora shows us that online revenue from the ecommerce industry was up 8.9% compared to the previous year.

Breaking this growth down by marketing channel is where things get interesting.

It should come as no great surprise that search dominates the marketing mix. But what is surprising is the decline in revenue driven by Organic Search coupled with the 2.3% increased share for Paid Search. Why could this be? Are ecommerce brands experiencing a negative effect from any recent Google algorithm changes or just combining their search strategy by using SEO for reach and PPC to drive the conversion? I’d love to hear your theories in the comments below.

Orders by Marketing Channel

The other stand-out change is the increase in sales via Email. With the rise of marketing automation systems, we marketers have all the tools we need to send personliased emails at just the right moment to nudge the customer to make the purchase. Activities such as cart abandonment & personliased offers all increase the likely hood of the customer making the purchase. Or is it something else?

It is definitely one chart to watch as the ecommerce industry evolves over each quarter.

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