Airpush Launches Mobile Data Marketplace Enabling App Monetization Without Ads


2Mobile advertising innovator Airpush provided to AdAge on Thursday a first look at MOBI.INFO, the company’s revolutionary new data-focused platform for mobile app publishers.

Diverging from the beaten path of app monetization through advertising, Airpush has pioneered a path to new revenue streams through the creation of a unique mobile data marketplace that facilitates what AdAge calls a more direct relationship between user data and dollars.

At a time when the publishing world is growing increasingly anxious in its battle to curb massive ad blocker revenue loss, Airpush’s freshly unveiled platform could prove vital in that effort. MOBI.INFO, which can be used on top of other monetization strategies, enables publishes to potentially grow their revenue without changing a thing, Airpush says. The platform lets publishers reap the rewards of additional revenue streams through the collection of their anonymous user data, which is then uploaded directly into the global data marketplace.

In effect, MOBI.INFO is a place where companies have the ability to purchase these diverse and highly sought-after data sets. To just scratch the surface, this includes everything from beacon data and encrypted email addresses, to device identifiers and app install and engagement data.  “The result is the world’s first dedicated mobile data marketplace, allowing mobile publishers and data companies to quickly make transactions at scale,” says Airpush.

Contributing to one of Airpush’s deep-seated goals of helping publishers tap into reliable new revenue streams born of properties not previously monetizable, the Los Angeles-based mobile advertising powerhouse says MOBI.INFO restructures the familiar ad network model by replacing advertising CPMs with revenue generated from “valuable data.”

And there’s valuable data everywhere in mobile. According to AdAge, apps that integrate the standalone MOBI.INFO SDK will be able to “distribute the so-called data exhaust created when people use their apps and turn it into revenue when it meets a buyer’s criteria.”

“The idea is to give mobile app publishers a way to feed their data wares into a buying hub that could help them monetize the data generated when people open and interact with their apps, whether or not an ad is served into the app,” summarizes Kate Kaye of Advertising Age in this morning’s report.

Publisher and advertiser benefits aside, MOBI.INFO may ultimately be just as helpful to consumers.

“The platform, which protects consumers via a transparent end-user opt-in, has the ability to reduce the number of overall ads that a user sees, and increase their relevance, overall effectiveness and consumer value,” explains Seth Socolow, SVP of Strategic Partnerships at Airpush. “MOBI.INFO also includes a deep integration with Freckle, a leader in the location and attribution marketing space. Freckle’s integration helps advertisers gain more valuable insights out of the consumer data generated by the platform, and obtain additional data sets from its beacon technology.”

To learn more and get the jump on MOBI.INFO, click here.

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