Factors that drive greater engagement with TV ads [#chartoftheday]


Get more from TV ads by optimising them for greater engagement

Online video advertising can be an expensive and time consuming investment, but what factors will increase engagement to avoid viewers from skipping the content or just plain ignoring it?

A study carried out by Hub Entertainment Research investigated what it takes to maintain engagement with online TV content, they surveyed 1206 participants who have broadband at home and watch five or more hours of online TV content every week.


The research used MaxDiff analysis, therefore the greater the number the larger the impact on engagement.

The research found that having a greater control of the ads, the ads being more relevant and targeted as well as being able to control the ad load could lead to increased engagement.

  • Earning points and getting promotional rewards for watching the ads led to increased engagement.
  • Ads should be more relevant, viewers want fewer but more targeted ads, or even the choice to choose the product categories of advertisements they would want to see before viewing.
  • However, ad load was the biggest factor, viewers want just one ad per break.

What can I take from this research?

Giving a sense of control and delivering the ad as infrequently and as efficiently as possible can increase engagement in your ad and help make the investment worthwhile.

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