What services are marketers looking for from agencies? [#chartoftheday]


Digital Strategy moves into 2nd place whilst Branding advice becomes less sought after

Many senior marketers search for an agency starts exactly where you might expect, by searching.

Agency Spotter, which helps connect agencies and buyers have analysed their search traffic to reveal just what marketers are searching for when they are looking for an agency.

The results can be used to help agencies adapt their offering. The data reveals the services that were being searched for the most and the change over time.


Advertising, digital strategy, social media, as well as marketing strategy and mobile marketing stayed top consistently from 2014 to the first half of 2016. Searches for these terms didn’t change much at all over this period, suggesting longevity of the needs for these services.

Branding, design strategy, eCommerce and communication design searches declined heavily over the period. Interest in user experience and email marketing also declined, as well as gaming.

Innovation, PR and analytics took a dive in 2015 but searches increased again in 2016.

Strategy, advertising, social media and mobile services are consistently required, however branding is in decline.

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