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Holiday Email is Hotter Than EverFluent, a people-based marketing platform, recently examined the behavior and perceptions of nearly 2,000 American’s towards email marketing for its second annual Inbox Report.

What it found was that Americans are addicted to email. And thanks to smartphone adoption, and the power of internet, our email is available wherever we go. The tool remains critical for marketers, but they need to be aware of their interactions with consumers. How can they better understand how Americans view and interact with their emails?

According to a report summary emailed to MMW, key findings included:

  • American’s are glued to their inbox

o   2 in 3 Americans say they check their email at least a few times a day. 40% start their day by checking email right when they wake up.

o   63% of consumers report having only one email address.  Over a decade ago, the majority of consumers would have had 2 or more email addresses.

  • Mobile Optimization is critical in the smartphone age

o   Nearly 3 in 4 (73%) of consumers surveyed who most often use smartphones to check their email do so more than once a day. This is 19% higher than those who primarily check on another device.

  • Effective email campaigns drive website visits and sales
    • Email drives sales in multiple channels including offline (45%) and directly through mobile devices (38%). The mobile number is significant as there has been a lot of concern about mobile as a device for conversion.
  • Email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

o   3 in 5 Americans expect to use email about the same five years from now as they do today.

Want to know more? Check out Fluent here.

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