Celebrate the weekend with BuzzFeed stickers in Google Allo


For many of us, Thanksgiving brings back memories of catching up with family and stuffing our face with turkey. It’s also a time when we return home and revisit old friends, habits and favorite spots. To help you celebrate all aspects of Thanksgiving, today we’re unveiling a new BuzzFeed sticker pack in Google Allo featuring artwork by BuzzFeed illustrator Kevin Valente.


Each sticker is animated, helping you say exactly what you mean in a way only BuzzFeed can. So if you’re going out with old friends or just being lazy at home, these stickers got your back during every blissful moment of this long weekend. Whether that’s:

Old friends got me like :))))))


That feeling when you have the day off to eat turkey


Back to reality on Monday 🙁


Our BuzzFeed sticker pack is available starting today, and you can download it from the sticker store in Google Allo on Android and iOS.

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