Forrester Puts Swrve in the ‘Sweet Spot’ of Mobile Engagement


swrve-fills-the-mobile-gap-for-enterprises-with-multi-channel-marketing-systemsGood news for the team at one of the global leaders in mobile marketing engagement.

Swrve has just been profiled in Forrester’s report, “Toolkit: Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions.” The prominent company applauds Swrve for its “powerful engagement platform and ease-of-use.”

The Swrve platform, if you’re not familiar, boosts in-app conversions by anticipating what customers need in each mobile moment, using machine learning to deliver tailored mobile experiences.

Forrester specifically calls out Swrve’s multi-pronged, data-driven approach to engagement and use of real-time user behavior to optimize results.

“The Swrve Platform powers up to 10 billion events a day on over two billion downloaded apps,” said Lisa Cleary, head of product of Swrve. “Our strength is delivering personalized, impactful mobile experiences to users at scale, and the Forrester profile encapsulates that perfectly. As we close out the year with record-breaking mobile sales for the holiday season, businesses should be taking a critical look at their mobile strategies to remain competitive in 2017. Forrester’s report emphasizes the need for usefulness and agility in mobile marketing, something many big companies still struggle with. We’ve worked hard to perfect a solution that bridges the gap between enterprises and modern consumers, and we’ll keep evolving to support that goal.”

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