How Does the Latest Yahoo Data Breach Impact The Company’s Reputation?


EmailThe latest Yahoo data breach has been confirmed and it’s one impacting practically anyone with a Yahoo email account.

So, among other considerations following the announcement, how exactly will this latest news further erode Yahoo’s reputation?

“Alertsec’s brand value research demonstrates just how difficult it will be for Yahoo’s brand to recover from this breach,” Ebba Blitz, CEO of encryption provider Alertsec, said in a statement to MMW.

“Customers who are affected by data breaches suffer a significant loss of trust, and this is particularly true of men,” he adds, citing his company’s recent study showing that nearly one in three Americans said it would take them several months to begin trusting a company like Yahoo again following a data breach.

“Twenty-two percent said it would only take them a month to forgive, but 17 percent of men and 11 percent of women said their trust would be permanently lost,” he says, noting that men “are also more likely to switch to a competitor following a data breach than are women.”

To learn more about Alertsec and encryption software, click here.

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