Mobile App Trends to Watch In 2017


headshotThe following is a guest contributed post from Andrew Gazdecki, the founder and CEO of Bizness Apps — one of the best app makers, making mobile apps affordable and simple for small businesses. 

2017 has arrived, and with this year comes a lot of new mobile technology trends. The year ahead looks exciting for mobile apps and the mobile marketing industry. The rapid pace of advancements in mobile tech have become so common that consumers have become apathetic to its convenience. The simplicity that mobile technology has invited into the lives of people is no longer something consumers rave about; it’s something they expect.

The infographic below (Mobile App Trends for 2017) breaks down the innovation happening in the mobile industry. Here are some of the up and coming trends that you can expect to start seeing emerge in 2017.

  • Location based serviced (LBS) will reach new heights
  • Augmented reality will begin to enter more mobile apps
  • Android Instant Apps will go mainstream
  • IoT or “Internet of Things” will begin spreading across industries
  • And more…


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