Small Steps Towards a Brighter Future


For most of us, the last 12 months have been the most challenging we’ve experienced in our professional lives. In the UK, the unemployment rate has increased to 4.9%** and we know that many of our members have faced redundancy. But, with spring in the air, and the end of a third round of lockdown restrictions bringing more freedom, there is a sense of looking ahead to better times. Research* shows that two thirds (67%) of the workforce is feeling more optimistic about their career prospects….



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Colin Cooper is the CEO of Boost Your Business, the leader in marketing and business development for both large and small scale businesses. As one of the most innovative marketing specialists for over a decade, Colin and his team of business and online experts collate their years of know-how and experiences with the Boost Your Business: Body Armour for Business, an online magazine created to provide a holistic resource avenue for everything business, health, and wellness.

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