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With the lightning speed things are changing in the world of business and the constant reinvention and revolution of technology, you will have to keep up with the landslide of new information and waves of innovation around you, in order to stay on top of the industry scene.

Body Armour for Business is your one-stop online magazine that will provide you with the best tools and guidelines to develop new skills, modernise and enhance your strong points, and maintain a healthy and productive work and living environment.

Acquire the latest information on business tools and systems, get valuable promotional techniques and strategies for your brand, and get to know more about how the most successful company owners and marketing specialists, how they excel in their respective fields, and how you can apply their effective business principles into your own.

Everyone at Body Armour for Business is geared towards giving you the latest resources to make sure that you not only stay profitable, but also sustainable and independently successful. Our focus is to not only ensure your financial gain, but also to help you foster a healthy relationship with your clients and employees, maintain a revitalised lifestyle in and out of the office, and create a work-life balance that will make a huge difference in how you maximise your strengths and potentials.

About Body Armour for Business

Body Armour for Business is an online resource magazine, made for owners and employees for both large and small companies, who are seeking a more comprehensive and intuitive continuing education in technology, business solutions and systems, health and wellness, as well as productivity and efficiency.

Branching out from Boost Your Business ,the leading online marketing and business solutions company, Body Armour for Business is designed not only to provide instructional guidelines on how to increase sales and improve marketing strategy, but also serve as a holistic source of enrichment and techniques to improve your individual, your family’s, and your workplace’ lifestyle, relationships, and overall welfare. It’s not only a guide to having a better business—it’s also a guide to having a better life.

We at Body Armour for Business understand that to be truly successful in one’s ventures, a well-oiled and well-maintained life balance is essential. Our resources aim to make sure you are given the best tools that you will need to reach your goals and realise your maximum potentials.

Colin Cooper, CEO


It’s funny I have been asked many times over the past few years to submit a profile about who I am and what makes me different.  You know, the usual stuff that’s meant to go in a profile: often I’ve written a profile and been told – you can’t say this or you can’t say that – it’s not the norm.

Well, the truth is, I’m not the norm usually whatever direction others and the markets are going I’m one of the very few and very successful people who are going the other way. When someone is saying it’s impossible – I’m the guy looking for the solution to make it happen.  So what’s different about me, my philosophy and systems – I believe in everything !!  As each of my clients vary so does what myself and my incredibly talented team build to achieve the results our clients are expecting when they decide to work with us.

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So, you will see this profile is not really just about me and what I can do it’s about the TEAM of highly skilled people I work with, as all of my accomplishments and successes over the last 16 years have all been achieved by the team and the inspirational mentors I have around me, in short, we are able to go into ANY situation and provide solutions; whether you are going bankrupt, just starting out, have a great idea and need to take it to market or expand internationally… We can handle that. This has allowed me and the team to provide successful solutions in over 100 different industries from small single owner businesses, to multinational organizations.

At this point, I can see my PR person and our copywriters running for cover as this is not your typical profile , that’s because I’m not your typical business person, however to keep those members of the team happy here’s a quick overview of things I have achieved.

I started in the internet business when large corporations were still relying on analogue modems and ISDN over traditional phone lines. In fact, my very first client is still one of my clients today—about two decades later—now that speaks volumes about how I’ve kept abreast of today’s markets and taken my clients with me. My entrepreneurial skill set has enabled me to progress to now being CEO of some high end enterprises.  o In example: CEO for MindGenius Australia and New Zealand, BoostYourBusiness, Franchising Network Australia and being the Marketing Director for Kubarz Australia.

From project conception, to completion, my ability to deliver not only Business Design but Technical and Marketing Support to ensure the ongoing success for my clients has given me the reputation as a specialist in Project Management and Implementation. Through creativity and design I’ve been able to showcase my specialist skills in Website Development, Management and Marketing. I’m not your typical Geek, I love technology but also have knack to pick the best solutions quickly and implement them into a situation for a positive outcome.

With a proven track record as an Online Expert, my experience and knowledge becomes invaluable to those I’m mentoring. Delivering high quality mentoring that goes beyond expectation in both high end enterprises to small businesses. As an accomplished writer of both Books and Marketing Courses I have been able to take my mentorship to the highest level. My ability to adapt the process and back it up with sound technical knowledge is unsurpassed even in today’s challenging environments.

The knowledge I have sought and gained over the years has helped me to launch a variety of successful ventures and steer my clients toward success.

With a list of successful clients and constantly in demand to be sharing my knowledge and skills there is no better place to start when clients are looking for guidance in any area of their business than with myself and my very professional and results driven team.

I am committed to educating my clients which results in them being independently successful and with ongoing training and systems implementation I set my clients up for success and future sustainability in all areas of their business. My team and I deliver tried and proven techniques and methods that are powerful business tools yet simple to use.

My passion for continued personal development is at the core of my business and life philosophy.  My car is a mobile university for me, listening to my mentors; I dedicated 45 minutes every day to personal and business development (reading books, listening to audios, advanced mentor training to name a few)and advise my clients wishing to achieve success that they do the same.  I am committed to helping others achieve their potential in order to live richer, more fulfilling lives, creating harmony and balance between work, social and family.

Specialist areas include, but not limited to:

  • New Market Penetration
  • Coordinated complex customer requests
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Team Building & Management
  • Program Development and Management
  • Strategic Market Planning
  • Marketing Collateral Development
  • Web Development & Management
  • Direct Marketing Program

Quick Business Scope:

  • Start-up Franchises – My team and I specialise in developing businesses to franchise locally and abroad, creating multi-national success stories.
  • Small & Medium Businesses – We are known for turning businesses around using proven strategies that assure success, we make sure no detail is left out from the onset, to implementation, to follow up consultancy. Business owners are sometimes even unaware that this type of assistance is available to them.
  • International Ventures – Our experience includes conducting business in over 23 countries.
  • Multi-Industrial Companies – We have helped develop successful businesses for Clients in over 100 industries, from construction, to entertainment, from food service to productivity tools.

To me, we are in a dynamic and changing world which is changing faster than ever before, it’s so exciting to have some much technology and potential at our finger tips.  For businesses that are willing to THINK differently and implement change and think BIGGER; the world is waiting for YOU.

The internet has accessed industries and made them available to customers worldwide; it’s exciting to think that a local business as being international.  Whether you are a local pizza shop wanting to promote your business through to major airlines like Virgin making a positive impact to millions it’s all accessible.

If You Want It!

Anyway, if you are still reading this, I guess you like what you see (or you are my profile writer), so get in contact, I have an open door policy; I will listen and explore all ideas to see if they are workable.  Let me and my teams’ compressed business experience save you time and money.