Mind Mapping

MindGenius Ltd. started as a humble mind mapping software company in 2001 as a part of Gael Group of Companies. It centered on creating, organising and processing ideas and information for business. It is now integrated into company meetings, task and project management; and brainstorming.

MindGenius Ltd:

  • Producing reliable and robust Mind Mapping Software since 2001
  • Helping teams capture, visualize and use their project ideas and information
  • Worldwide customer base of over 600,000 users
  • The leading choice for business mind mapping software
  • Privately owned with 20 years software development history
  • Customers from individuals to large
  • Corporate Enterprises and Fortune 500 companies
  • In-house customer service and IT support
  • Full suite of professional client development services Microsoft Certified Partners

Key Reasons why you should select MindGenius as your mapping solution:

  • Designed specifically to use the Mind Mapping technique for Business purposes
  • The most intuitive product with the quickest and easiest learning curve of all business mapping tools – Ease of project implementation and minimum training required
  • Type & Return is the quickest most unobtrusive way to capture information during brainstorming sessions
  • The Map Explorer, the most talked about feature of MindGenius, enables users to navigate maps and move quickly between high level and detailed views of your information.
  • Designed to be a daily use tool aiding personal productivity
  • Integrated Gantt view provides a unique and cost effective project management solution
  • Complimentary iPad application
  • Tight integration with MS Office applications
  • Favourable discounts and pricing frameworks for on-going license needs
  • Perpetual licence model, no hidden costs, no annual license fees
  • Short term return on investment